Delivery and Product Care

Delivery and Product Care

We endeavour to ensure that all goods are dispatched in perfect condition and correct to your order e.g. size, type, colour etc. Upon receipt of delivery you will need to check the goods are correct and correspond to ordered goods as specified on the delivery paperwork and order acknowledgement. Goods need to be checked for any visible damage, if any is found this must be clearly indicated on the delivery paper work, signing unchecked is not acceptable for any later claim. Any claim for damaged goods must be made in writing within 3 days of receipt; therefore we recommend you check all goods on the day of delivery and report any damage immediately. We will not accept any responsibility for any damage reported following fitting/alteration as the product should have been checked before any work was carried out. This will also be the case if item sizes are incorrect.

Please note we can produce the door size (Height/width) to your required opening, if the door needs to be altered on-site following sizes signed off in your order acknowledgement this can be done to a maximum of 10mm overall width/height (5mm per edge (Sides/Top/Bottom)). More than 10mm will potentially affect the doors fire rating/moisture resistance when fully installed and therefore invalidate any warranty and suitability for the application it is intended.

Unloading/Manual Handling

All doors will be delivered on either pallets/boxes and banded for safe transportation. Please ensure mechanical offloading is done with care to avoid any damage. If offloading by hand please take note of approximate weights listed below. Please ensure you carry out a full risk assessment making sure you avoid any possibility of personal injury. We recommend manual offloading is done with a minimum of two people.

Approximate weights (Based on 762×1981)

16kg – 35mm Hollow core

30kg – 35mm Solid core

40kg – 44/45mm Solid core

70kg – 54mm Solid core

Storage and door care

  • Doors must be stored in a dry well ventilated room, laid flat and supported on at least three bearers equally spaced and wider than the door width.
  • Doors must not be stored on their ends or edges.
  • Do not store in a building or install where wet trades are present as this will damage the product. Please make sure that the building has fully dried out and the temperature/moisture within the building is stable.
  • These doors are only to be used for internal applications – Veneered and factory finished painted doors are not to be installed on the exterior of the property were they are exposed to rain/sun and wind as this will rapidly damage the product and void your warranty. Likewise they are not to be exposed to extreme moisture and temperature fluctuation such as swimming pools.
  • All packing must remain intact for as long as possible to avoid any surface damage.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight as there can be a possibility of fading of the surface finish. Veneers are a natural material therefore colour and grain variation may be possible. It is natural for the veneer to lustre over time maturing in colour.
  • Following installation lipping’s (Top, bottom and sides) must be sealed straightaway to avoid unnecessary moisture ingress.
  • Do not stick objects to the surface of the doors as this will affect the surface finish (this includes low tac tapes)
  • Avoid any material such as paints/plasters etc. coming in contact with the door surface as removal may leave local discolouration/damage to door face.
  • Cleaning of the doors should be done with care using only a damp cloth or appropriate furniture care product. Do not use excessive amount of water or abrasive materials.
  • When cutting hinge/latches etc. please ensure the doors is clamped in a suitable device with soft cloth/felt jaws, using devices with crimped faces will result in impressions in the door face.

Product warranty

  • 2 years against manufacturing defects – This is from the date of delivery of goods.
  • The manufacturing defects warranty covers the replacement of a new door as initially supplied. Any additional on costs for hanging the replacement door/s (including the cutting/fitting of hinges, latches, handles, flush bolts etc.) is excluded from any warranty claim.
  • Any replacement product covered under a Warranty claim, the replacement will need to be the same model, finish, size etc. (Like for like).
  • This is subject to storage and door care has been carried out in accordance to points above. Along with the installation has been carried out in accordance with British standard code of practice CP151 part 1 – wooden doors.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact your supplier for clarification.

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